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Moche Lifestyle is a brand showcasing a line of handmade, honestly-sourced, clothing and accessories. We are a social enterprise with ethical trading at our core. Our goals are to build long-standing, sustainable relationships worldwide. We partner with non–governmental organizations (NGOs) who are working one-on-one with women in the country of origin and who are diligent in upholding standards to protect and cultivate independent entrepreneurial skills.

Through educational awareness and communication, we are able to help support the growth of NGO training programs through business mentoring techniques and design. At the completion of the training programs, the women artisans will have developed a marketable skill to find employment or become independent entrepreneurs themselves. Those independent entrepreneurs who exhibit a desire to learn more and have a love of their craft are invited to work with Moche Lifestyle to create beautiful knits for our collections.

In Peru alone, over 400 women have been trained. As a result of our success, this group of Peruvian women, mostly mothers, have been given a "socially responsible grant" from an independent Peruvian company to further our training. The handful of women that began with us six years ago are now our core trainers. They go into surrounding barrios and provide free training to other women in the creation of textile arts. Today we work directly with 60-145 women depending on the season.

With the continued growth of our retail partners, we are expanding this model into other countries. We are working in partnership with NGOs in India and Cambodia. These organizations provide vocational training and business skills, along with health and nutritional training, to create jobs for women in "at risk" communities and those in “aftercare” homes from human trafficking. Domestically we partner with organizations that offer both safe housing within the United States and also educational awareness against trafficking.

The challenges and complexities of working long distance with small communities in different countries is part of the essence of Moche Lifestyle.  Witnessing the artisans flourish–while procuring a livelihood for themselves and their children, mentoring them for marketplace capability, and preserving historical textile techniques along the way, makes for a great day at Moche Lifestyle!

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