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Company Overview

Moche Lifestyle is a timeless, effortless, comfortable clothing line. We offer our U.S. clients high quality, hand-knit apparel and accessories.  As a social enterprise company, we partner with non-profits and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) working within the country of origin to offer skills training and mentoring to ensure economic development in "at-risk" communities.  All of the women with whom we partner set their own fair wages.  We mentor the women in business and design practices to create upscale items for the United States market. Our mission is to offer economic sustainability and encourage these women to express their dignity and talent while empowering them with hope and optimism for a better future.  

Why Retailers Love Us

Moche Lifestyle offers timeless designs that can be worn year after year.  Our sophisticated apparel and accessories make great staple wardrobe pieces that can fit into any closet. Our price point is reasonable and our color options are vast.  We offer low minimum order requirements so our retailers can order as little or as much as they want without the risk of overstock.  We love our retailers and value their input.  Because each piece is handmade, we have the flexibility to design into our larger retailer’s price point or design needs.  In-stock items ship the same day or next day and back orders average two weeks.  Our production ability is at 1050 units per month with the ability to increase production within six weeks.  We have done catalog production and packaging as well as "white labeling."

Why Customers Love Us

Today's customer is well educated and connected.  They are purchasing a quality item that can withstand the ever-changing fashion trends as well as empowering the people who made the item.  Our customers recognize the price-to-quality ratio in our apparel while, at the same time, knowing that their dollars support women artisans in other countries.  We're proud to print on our hang tags the Handmade, Honestly Sourced, Ethical Fashion note, making each purchase a special “gift that gives back.” 

Our Progress

In our five years of working in the barrios of Peru, we have trained over 400 women in the art of knitting, crocheting, and horquilla.  We currently have 85 dedicated and talented women who continue to handcraft our beautiful apparel. Some of the women have developed a passion to train and are now training more woman in nearby barrio communities. As a result of our success, this group of Peruvian Mothers has been given a socially responsible grant from a Peruvian company to train an additional 400 women in four different barrios this year.

With the continued growth of our retail partners, we are now able to expand into other countries that have untapped talented artisans in need of work, training, and business mentoring.  We are working in partnership with India, and beginning in Cambodia, to create jobs for women in "at risk" communities and those in “after care” homes from human trafficking.

 Join our ever-growing team today!  We look forward to partnering with you.

Contact Cristy at (480) 263-4304 or (707) 363-4891


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